Energy & Environmental Law Society

Washington University in St. Louis tree lined entrance to Brookings Hall 


The Energy & Environmental Law Society ("EELS") explores the intersection of law and the environment through educational speaking events, community service projects, collaboration with other campus groups, as well as by promoting sustainability in the use of law school facilities. EELS aims to prepare and inspire students to enter the increasingly complex fields of energy and environmental law.

2014-2015 Officers

President Tamara Slater 
Vice-President Paul Knettel 
Treasurer Dan Ritter 
Community Service Chair Fajer Saeed 
Sustainability Coordinator Gwenn Barney 
Energy Chair Bryan Ryan 
1L Sustainability Rep Ainsley Hegener 
1L Rep Dan Loewy 
1L Rep Tucker Mottl 
1L Rep Lauren Vernamen 
Faculty Advisor Maxine Lipeles