General Information for JD/MBA Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I start my joint degree with either program?
    Students can begin their joint degree either by doing their first year at Olin Business School or by doing their first year at the Washington University Law.
  • Can I graduate first with one program and then graduate later with the other program?
    No, joint degree students must have both degrees granted in the same semester.
  • How many Law units must I take and does the Law School have to approve the Business units that I transfer?
    The Law School will transfer 9 units at graduation, which means that joint degree students must complete 77 Law units (77 + 9 = 86 units needed for the JD). The Law School does not need to approve any courses taken at the Olin Business School.
  • Do my Business grades count into my Law GPA, and does the Law School require that I earn certain grades in Olin Business School in order to transfer the credits?
    Although the 9 units transfer toward the JD, the grades do not count into the Law GPA (and there is no minimum grade requirement for the courses taken in Olin Business School, just that the student completes the MBA).
  • How do I pay my tuition? What is prime/joint coding?
    JD/MBA students must pay a minimum of five semesters of full-time tuition to the Law School, and three semesters to Olin Business School. Scholarship from the School of Law can only be used for those semesters in which a student is coded prime to the Law School. In the semesters that a student is paying tuition to the Law School, s/he is coded "prime" to the Law and "joint" to the Olin Business School.
  • Which school do I apply to for financial aid?
    Joint degree students will only need to complete one FAFSA. Students will receive a financial aid award letter from the school the student is coded prime to for the upcoming semester. If a student splits the academic year between the Law School and the Olin Business School, the student will receive a financial aid award letter from each school.
  • How does my prime/joint coding affect registration?
    The student's prime and joint coding in a particular semester also drives other things such as registration settings (for example: when the WebSTAC system will allow you to get online and register).
  • Do I receive priority when registering for classes at the Law School to account for the greater challenges of coordinating schedules across two schools?
    Yes, joint degree students are given registration priority at the Law School. Students will be allowed to register just before their JD Class. When students are coded prime to GM and they need to be registered for Law School courses, they will email Colleen Erker at in advance of Law School registration and will need to be registered by the Law School Registrar's Office. Students will need to follow Olin Business School registration dates and rules when registering for MBA classes.
  • How does my JD residency requirement work?
    JD/MBA students must complete 5 full-time semesters of Law School residency when looking at the total of all the Law units taken over the course of the 4 years (typically 8 regular semesters). Regardless of the number of law units taken in one semester, students cannot earn more than one full-time semester of residency per semester.
  • Do I have to complete the entire first-year curriculum in two consecutive semesters?
    Yes, the JD "First-Year" must be completed in its entirety and non-law courses cannot be taken during that year. Law School tuition is paid to the Law School for both of these semesters (and conversely, JD/MBA students will pay tuition to the Olin Business School in their first year with the MBA program and they must take MBA courses only during their first semester of their MBA "first year.") After that year, tuition may be paid to either school, as long as in the end the Law School has been paid for 5 full-time semesters and the Olin Business School for 3 semesters.
  • Are there restrictions in terms of how many Law vs. MBA units I can take in the post-first-year semesters?
    After the foundational first-year curricula of each school, students can mix-up their classes, taking both Law & MBA classes in the same semesters - their prime/joint coding does not affect how many units of each school's courses they are taking (for instance, you can be coded prime to the Law School in a particular semester, but be taking more MBA units than Law units, and vice versa). No student may be enrolled in more than 17 law units in the same semester.