Intersession 2014: A Full Slate of Networking, Professionalism, and Intensive Coursework Led by Experts in the Field

At this year’s Intersession, the law students were immersed in a sea of representatives from law firms and other areas of the legal community. Over the course of the week, first-year law students were led from event to event designed to help them outline their futures. More than 200 professionals and special guests gave mock interviews, provided tips on resumes, and discussed building professional networks, as well as presented special lectures and panels.

Sessions included market talks discussing hiring trends and methods of breaking into the legal community, panels on professionalism, and an Employer Showcase. Held in the Crowder Courtyard, the showcase served as a massive meet and greet with more than 40 firms and 80 attorneys from around the country.

A series of lectures also explored the twists and turns of careers in six different areas of law. The career paths included public interest, in-house law, government positions, post graduate clerkships, and jobs in small, large, and mid-size firms.

Upper-level students had the opportunity to choose from a selection of courses on a wide range of topics. Some courses covered cutting-edge issues like Electronic Evidence in the Age of Cloud Computing, taught by the Hon. Audrey Fleissig and Professor John F. Cowling. In their lectures they explored how electronic devices have changed the way we communicate, and electronically stored information is quickly changing the cost and dynamics of litigation.

This year’s Intersession also offered a broad array of courses covering international law, including Managing Risks in International Transactions, International Trade Law, International Financial Law, and European Union Environmental Law. Other courses, such as Professor Michael Downey’s Introduction to Law Firm Practice, covered information vital for many students starting their careers after graduation.

As the week-long event wound down, first-year students were advised on how the graduates before them had navigated their first steps towards successful careers and how current students could best prepare to do the same. Upper-level students beneffited from the knowledge and advice of the visiting professors and practitioners. Students left with a fuller understanding of what their futures may hold and a new box of tools to better build their careers.



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    Brent Mueller, Winter 2014