Student Bar Association Presents 2013 Faculty, Staff Awards

From left: Professor Karen Tokarz, SBA Vice President
Elad Gross, Professor Brian Tamanaha, and Carrie Burns

Washington University law students, faculty, and staff recently gathered in the Crowder Courtyard for the 2013 Student Bar Association Faculty and Staff Awards. Brian Tamanaha, the William Gardiner Hammond Professor of Law, won the annual David M. Becker Professor of the Year Award for holding high expectations for his students and being an active part of their lives, as well as for his courage and leadership in speaking out for a fairer legal education system. Tamanaha is the author of numerous articles and books, including his recent book, Failing Law Schools.  

Karen Tokarz, the Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law & Public Service, won the inaugural 2013 Experiential Professor of the Year Award for her leadership in providing clinical opportunities for students, mentorship of students on the Washington University Journal of Law & Policy, and coordination of international field placements, as well as for her collaborative spirit. Tokarz serves as director of the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Program and director of the Civil Right, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic.  

St. Louis attorney Richard Finneran, JD '08, won the inaugural 2013 Adjunct Professor of the Year Award for his self-sacrifice and dedication to teaching Washington University law students the intricacies of appellate advocacy. In addition to his teaching, Finneran coaches the National Moot Court Team. 

Finally, Carrie Burns, financial aid/student services coordinator, won the 2013 Distinguished Service Award for her work with student groups, her welcoming demeanor, and her dedication to making Washington University School of Law a better place for all of its students. 

(Note: Professor Finneran was not present for the photo, as he was in Chicago helping the Moot Court Team compete.)