Law Students Sweep Competition in Broomball Tournament

The air was chilly, the ceilings and walls were covered in varying shades of blue and white, and the room was filled with the sounds of cheers and the furious clacking of sticks. Within an icy arena, teams of men and women faced off against one another in order to either taste the sweet flavor of victory or the bitter tang of defeat.

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It was intense. It was spirited. It was the second annual Law School Broomball Tournament. Sponsored by the Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) and Student Law Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (SLAMSL), the tournament was designed to Washington University law students in a battle to see who had the fasted broom and the surest step.

Playing in an ice rink, but outfitted in their tennis shoes and whatever spare gear they could find, the players’ uniforms consisted of everything from t-shirts and jeans, to hoodies and sweat pants. Jerseys of every kind and color swarmed the rink, slipping, shuffling, sliding, and stumbling across the ice.

Using colorful names such as Broomsday Device, Broom Goes the Dynamite, and Sonic Broom, the teams approached their games with the fun-loving determination possessed only by law students who knew just how many times their behinds were going to meet the ice.

What the players lacked in grace, they more than made up with raw, unwavering enthusiasm. Wielding their sticks, they smacked the neon orange hamster ball back and forth across the rink. The crowds cheered with every point scored, reviving the players and sending them rushing forward once more. It didn’t matter if an entire team had to fall so long as a single point was scored, and then they would rise to start again.

With the end of every game, each team—both the victors and the fallen—would leave the rink sweaty, cheeks rosy with cold and exertion, and broad grins telling of a time well had.

The first-place team of this year’s tournament was Moves Like Jagr, comprised of Matt Rossman, Matt De Re, Will Bennett, Kelly Muenstermann, and Kenny Somner. Coming in second place was Broomsday Device with Will Green, Antonio Perez, Brad Vettraino, John Galanek, Elliot Cole, and Connor Cobean.

All proceeds from the event went to Cardinals Care, the St. Louis Cardinals’ nonprofit foundation dedicated to the well being of the city’s youth.

- Brent Mueller