Prof. Baker Named Visiting Fellow at Becker-Friedman Institute

This fall, Scott Baker, professor of law, will be a visiting fellow at the Becker-Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago. The Institute is considered “an intellectual destination for the world’s best economists and scholars in related fields.”

The primary goal of the institute is to build bridges across disciplines and subfields in economics, while fostering conversations and collaborations that sharpen research and spark new ideas. Named for two Nobel laureates, the institute specifically facilitates collaboration among the University of Chicago’s law school, business school, and economics department.

Baker’s research interests lie at the intersection of law, economics, and game theory. He tackles a wide range of topics, from judicial behavior to the structure of law firms to problems in patent law. He has published broadly in his field. His co-authored works have appeared in the Journal of Law and Economics, the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, and numerous law reviews. He currently has two articles that are forthcoming. His article with Claudio Mezzetti, “A Theory of Rational Jurisprudence,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy, one of the premier economics journals. His paper with Pauline Kim, the Charles Nagel Professor of Constitutional Law & Political Science, titled “A Dynamic Model of Doctrinal Choice,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Legal Analysis, a peer-reviewed law and economics journal.

Treiman Fellow at the law school during 2011-12, Baker earned his bachelor’s degree from Miami University, his law degree from the University of Chicago, and his PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.