RSS Feeds - Alerting and Updating Tools

The Law School's RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to subscribe to current announcements and information about upcoming events.   These feeds are listed below with subscription links.  For information on viewing the feeds on multiple platforms, see below.

Event and Announcement Feeds

Information about current and upcoming events are available in our feeds, listed below.

How to Access

Web Browsers

An RSS news reader is a feature of most web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox Safari, etc.).  In many instances, browser extensions/add-ons are available for this purpose.  Using a browser to access your RSS feeds  allows you to view news headlines and events from multiple sources. The browser handles the updating function for you. To read an item, just click its title and you will be taken to the full item (or video link if a podcast).

Typically, a web site will display one of the standard RSS icons RSS Feed to indicate that it offers an RSS feed.  Clicking on this icon will initiate your RSS subscription.


Web-based Aggregators

Web-based aggregators (such as provide an online forum for collecting feeds and other social media information flows in one forum. These typically provide an app for mobile devices as well.

News Reader Software

Communications software (such as the Outlook client) often provide a means for collecting and reading RSS feeds. Each program is different and the instructions on setting up subscriptions should be provided by the application.

Mobile Applications

Numerous RSS feed readers, some free, are available as apps for most mobile platforms (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.)  We recommend that you visit the 'App Store"  for your device and search on the phrase "RSS feed" to view a list of options. A useful list is also available here. Once installed on your mobile device, you will be able to view RSS feeds and podcasts in a mobile-friendly format.