Harris Institute Hosts Roundtable on International Criminal Law Norms

The Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute recently hosted 16 scholars from around the United States and Canada for a Roundtable in Public International Law and Theory. The scholars presented workshop papers on the topic of “Norms in International Criminal Law.” The conference was co-sponsored by Washington University’s Center for Programs.

The topics and presenters were:

Peace vs. Justice or Peace and Justice
Author: William Burke-White, University of Pennsylvania
Discussant: Valerie Oosterveld, University of Western Ontario


Silences and Peculiarities of the Hamdan Opinions
Author: Peter Quint, University of Maryland
Discussant: Mark Drumbl, Washington & Lee University

Is Climate Change an “International” Legal Problem?
Author: Hari Osofsky, University of Oregon
Discussant: Russell Miller, University of Idaho   

Domesticating International Criminal Law in France
Author: Leila Sadat, Washington University Law
Discussant: Melissa Waters, Washington & Lee University

International Law’s Natural Law Norms
Author: Mary Ellen O’Connell, University of Notre Dame
Discussant: Stephen Thaman, Saint Louis University Law

Genocide, Reconciliation, and Criminal Trials
Author: Larry May, Washington University Philosophy
Discussant: Brad Roth, Wayne State University

Defense Perspective on Law & Politics in International Criminal Law
Author: Jenia Turner, Southern Methodist University
Discussant: William Aceves, California Western School of Law

Mapping Norm Portals
Author: Peggy McGuinness, University of Missouri, Columbia
Discussant: Christopher Wellman, Washington University Philosophy

The Identity Crisis of International Criminal Law
Author: Darryl Robinson, University of Toronto
Discussant: Michael Newton, Vanderbilt University


International Courts as Lawmakers
Author: Andrew Strauss, University of Notre Dame
Discussant: Ken Anderson, American University