Legomsky Serving as Research Fellow in Singapore

Stephen H. LegomskyStephen H. Legomsky, the John. S. Lehmann University Professor, is serving a six-month appointment as a visiting senior research fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. 

While at the institute, he has written an article, to be published in 2008 by the Stanford Law Review, on the normative implications of the dramatic disparities in asylum approval rates by various United States asylum adjudicators. The article explores the general consequences of inconsistency in adjudication, identifies the forces that contribute to inconsistency, and considers the possible policy responses in the specific context of asylum.

During his time in Singapore, Legomsky is also completing a chapter for a book on comparative asylum policy and the rule of law. The book will be published in 2008 by the Cambridge University Press. Legomsky’s chapter examines the link between United States asylum policy and the rule of law. He met with the authors of the other chapters in August in Melbourne.

In November, also during his appointment in Singapore, he will be spending one week in South Korea as the guest of the South Korean Minister of Justice. The minister has invited Legomsky to advise him and his staff on possible immigration reform legislation. While in Seoul, Legomsky will give lectures at three Korean law schools.

In addition, he is doing research on the role of family reunification in Singaporean immigration law and giving various presentations on a range of subjects at seminars sponsored by the Asia Research Institute and the National University of Singapore's law faculty.