Sadat’s Article Receives National Award

Leila Nadya SadatLeila Nadya Sadat, the Henry H. Oberschelp Professor of Law, has received the 2006 Article of the Year Award from the International Association of Penal Law (American Branch) for her piece, “Exile, Amnesty and International Law.” The annual award recognizes the “best scholarly contribution to the field.”

Sadat’s article was published in volume 81 of the Notre Dame Law Review. The award’s committee described it as “a careful, thoughtful, thorough examination of current state and international practice on exile and amnesty.” The committee added that the work “raises some quite fundamental issues about our discipline and about the slogan ‘no peace without justice.’”

Sadat’s article considers state and international practices regarding amnesties for “jus cogens” crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity. In her examination of cases from both Latin America and from international courts and tribunals, she stresses that amnesty for “jus cogens” crimes “can foster a culture of impunity in which violence becomes the norm, rather than the exception.” Sadat also considers what judicial, legislative, and international treaty constraints currently exist in amnesty cases.

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