Quotes from Former LLM for Foreign-Trained Lawyers Students

Kazuhiro Koide, LL.M. 2003, Japan 

After graduating LL.M., I studied at Criminal Court House in downtown St. Louis. I went to Judge Wilson's Court every day and watched criminal procedures and trials. The Judge gave me some legal materials to study. They are my treasures. My purpose was to study the jury system. Japan doesn't have jury system, judges decide the cases. Currently, Japan is introducing a kind of jury system where Judge and jury decide the cases on limited basis.

The U.S. jury system is very impressive. At a jury trial, twelve ordinary people who are of different races and nationalities, sit on the same bench and consider the evidence carefully. When the jury trial is over, Judge Wilson shakes hands with the jury. He says, "We are appreciated with your sacrifice, without your dedication, our Judicial System would not work."  In the Court House, I learned not only Legal Practice but also about the U.S. This was the best time in my life.

Lynda Tabuya (2nd from left) LL.M. 2004, Fiji 

The LL.M. program at Wash U has been a life changing experience for me.  Coming from a developing common law country that mainly follows British precedent, I have been enriched with learning the evolution of US common law that is both aggressive and progressive. At Wash U I learned how to apply the law through legal ideas more than legal precedent. I was thoroughly impressed with the vast knowledge, experience and helpfulness of faculty and staff. I have made lifelong friends in the US and all over the world who form an invaluable global network.