LLM in U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers


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The Master of Laws (LLM) in U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers at Washington University is designed for law students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of United States or international law to more effectively practice in today’s global legal environment. LLM students join a student body drawn from diverse legal cultures and learn from faculty who are experts in both United States and international law.

LLM students design their own curriculum to suit their own academic and career goals, either concentrating in specialized fields such as corporate or environmental law or selecting a general course of study to increase their breadth of U. S. and international legal knowledge.

Earning the LLM in U.S. Law permits WU law graduates to sit for several states’ bar examinations, including the New York State Bar Exam—the most popular bar among foreign lawyers.

This LLM program is an ideal environment for experienced attorneys and recent law graduates alike to pursue any of a number of significant professional and academic goals, such as:

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  • Gaining practical and theoretical knowledge of U.S. and international law. 
  • Developing expertise in a specialized field of law. 
  • Strengthening your ability to represent clients who have business dealings in the U.S. or with U.S. companies and firms. 
  • Improving your representation of American clients who conduct business abroad. 
  • Building an international network of professional contacts. 
  • Refining your English skills and understanding of American culture.

Admission Requirements

U.S. Law LLM candidates must have earned a first law degree from their home jurisdiction.

Non-native applicants have to show proof of sufficient language proficiency.

Candidates must submit:  

  1. an application
  2. one recommendation letter;
  3. Official academic transcripts, in notarized English translations if not provided in English by your university; 
  4. Indication of English-language proficiency, as in a recent TOEFL, IELTS, ILEC or other standardized test score.* 

*If you do not have a recent standardized test score or no score at all, we will provide the opportunity for a Skype-interview language evaluation as part of your admissions interview. 

Once admitted, you will be required to present a letter of credit from a bank or other lending institution showing you have sufficient financial support to study in the United States.  

All materials must be submitted by May 15.**
**We strongly recommend that applicants apply as early as possible.

Special Information Concerning the U.S. VISA Process:

Washington University School of Law works closely with all of our admitted students to ensure timely and correct filings of visas. Be forewarned, however, that the process of applying for and receiving a U.S. student visa is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. We urge you to get your applications in early, and we promise to work on your visa documents early.

For more information, contact by e-mail, phone or fax for materials:
E-Mail: gradlaw@wustl.edu  
Phone: 314-935-3346
Fax: 314-935-7961