LLM and Graduate Degree Programs


The principal law degree in the United States is the Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Washington University Law recognizes that many lawyers – both from the United States and abroad – require an advanced legal degree in order to accomplish their academic and professional goals. In order to serve the needs of this community, the School of Law offers several Masters programs, as well as a course of study leading to the Juris Scientiae Doctoris (JSD) degree.

Our graduate programs are tailored to some of the most common needs of legal professionals. Our LLM programs in Taxation and in Intellectual Property & Technology Law are intended to provide an in-depth course of study in two highly technical and detail-oriented areas of practice. By contrast, our LLM in U.S. Law program is a highly flexible program, intended for graduates of law schools abroad who intend to sit for a U.S. bar examination or who desire advanced studies in U.S. or international law. Our JSD program is designed for emerging legal academics intending to teach abroad, while our MLS program is intended for non-legal professionals who require familiarity with U.S. law for career or personal reasons.

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