Try the new CALI Lessons, complete with new features for 2011-2012, at

CALI lessons for your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Lessons Upgraded For ’11-12

As another school year starts, we at CALI welcome you back. We spent the summer overhauling and upgrading our lessons.Go to the CALI website, log in, and run a lesson to try it out. Here’s what has changed.:

  • CALI Lessons look and feel brand new, but the educational content did not change.
  • They are compatible with tablets and smartphones. Try them from your computer, iPad, iPhone, and many other devices.
  • Lesson scores save automatically. From now on, retrieve all lesson scoring details in your “My Lesson Runs” profile.

Try Punctuation and Grammar Basics for Law Students (Advanced) if you’re feeling confident) to get an idea of the new lessons, and to shake off some of that summer rust.
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