On April 14, 1912, the world was shocked by the sinking of the Titanic.  Congress convened hearings into the cause of the accident starting on April 19, 1912.  It includes statements and testimony from the captain of the Carpathia, numerous survivors, and various experts in navigation and conduct on the high seas.

The testimony is riveting and there is a sense of the immediate.  For instance, the captain of the Carpathia apologizes repeatedly throughout his testimony for not having more exact information to relay to the Committee about the accident, however, his testimony was taken 4 days after the accident.  The hearings lasted until late May 1912.

“Titanic Disaster” Hearings Before a Subcomm. of the Comm. on Commerce, 62nd Congress (1912).

If you’re interested in other Congressional hearings and bills related to the Titanic, navigate over the Law Library’s ProQuest Congressional database, enter “Titanic” as your search term, remember to select all publications and to select any Congress from the search box.