No, it’s not the start of a joke.  What do astronauts do in their downtime while floating miles above the earth?  The International Space Station Media List as of 2008 gives us a glimpse into what’s available for the astronauts to watch or read during their space time – Sealab 2021, The Right Stuff, and Apollo 13 being some of the more surprising entries.

This list is only a small piece of the plethora of eclectic information available through Government Attic, a website dedicated to collecting information available from federal agencies through FOIA requests and other means.  Information on the site ranges from the mundane (List of FTC Brown Bag Topics and Speakers 2006-2008) to the unusual (FCC Complaints made about The Simpsons 2003-2007) to the just plain odd (Office of Government Ethics Ethics Training Crossword Puzzles).

Interested in old FBI investigations?  Government Attic has a number of FBI materials, including files from the infamous “Confidential File Room.”  Make sure to click on the word Documents from the main page and then Department of Justice.  There you’ll find a list of  FBI reports and monographs like “Stool Pigeon or Loyal Citizen” or a compilation of the suggestions from the FBI Employee Suggestion File, 1927 – 1992.