Lights!  Cameras!  Action!  Memorial Day Weekend is the start of the blockbuster summer movie season.  Let’s kick off the season with a few gems from the film archives of the federal government.

Winged Scourge.  This 1943 info-tainment film, made by Walt Disney, demonstrates the latest methods in mosquito prevention showing the Seven Dwarfs implementing various techniques.   That’s right, the Seven Dwarfs.  Some of the advice still holds true today; eliminate standing water, patch cracks in your windows and doors to prevent infestations.  Other techniques seem a little, um, unusual, including spreading oil on ponds to kill mosquito larvae.  Can’t wait for the Dwarfs?  Jump to minute 4.57.

Atomic Attack.  Get out your hanky for this 1950 tearjerker.  One bright sunny day, a nuclear bomb is dropped on the city of New York.  Watch one Westchester family struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.  Did her husband survive the blast in New York?  Will the dashing young doctor, played by Walter Matthau, save the youngest daughter from radiation sickness?  Will the civil defense workers realize that walking around in rain immediately after a nuclear blast may not be the best of ideas?  And why is the older daughter’s chemistry teacher hiding at their house?