Krazy for Kagan

Posted By on May 28, 2010

If you’re looking to update yourself on Elena Kagan’s resume, writings, and her responses to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s questionnaire, there’s some great websites for you to check out.

  • Senate Committee on the Judiciary.  The Committee on the Judiciary has posted Kagan’s completed questionnaire as well as all her writings and speeches that are referenced within the questionnaire.  The site organizes her body of work by question number and then in reverse chronological order.
  • Law Library of Congress.  The Law Library of Congress has compiled a site that has full-text of Kagan’s articles, her confirmation hearing as Solicitor General, transcripts of her oral arguments before the Supreme Court, and a round-up of blogs and news organization sites on Kagan.

Kagan’s nomination hearing is set for June 28th.

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