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Posted By on November 19, 2013

We recently received a research question regarding H.R. 4646, 111 Cong. (2010).   According to the researcher, the bill levied a 1% tax on all bank transactions; all direct deposits an expenditures.  The researcher stated that they had verified this information as accurate at  However, this does not entirely settle the question for a legal researcher!  How do you verify whether or not this is true?  Allow us to introduce you to, a website that facilitates U.S. legislative information. is still in beta testing, but as of November 19, 2013, it will replace Thomas.

Here is how you do it: Go to  On the search bar, there is a pull down menu.  Click on the pull down menu and change the field ‘Current Legislation’ to ‘All Legislation.’  Enter H.R. 4646 in the search bar.  The second bill listed is the ‘Debt Free America Act’ from the 111th Congress (2009-2010). Click on the bill number and a number of tabs will appear: Summary, Text, Actions,Titles etc.  Select the ‘Actions’ tab. Search result:  As of November 19, 2013 the bill has been referred to a number of committees, but never referred out of committee.

Because the bill  was not passed in the 111th Congress, it never became a law and must be reintroduced in a subsequent Congress.  We are currently in the 113th Congress.   To be fair to, they did not claim that the bill had become law, but only that it was a validly introduced bill.  It does show that the legal researcher must verify information and is excellent tool for legislative information.

Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning

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Tove Klovning oversees foreign, comparative, and international law services at the law library and teaches Legal Research Methodologies I & II. She often guest lecturers on legal research methodology strategies in seminar classes and assists researchers with legal research questions relating to foreign law, comparative law, and international law, as well as questions related to the American legal system. She has written several research guides on American, international, and foreign legal issues.


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