When using a legal citatory such as Shepard’s or KeyCite, remember that both services do more than just verify whether your primary source  is still  good law. Think of these Citators as RTV’s. They not only validate the case or statute, they also offer an option to explore secondary sources that cite to your primary source!

The acronym RTV here stands for: research, table of authorities, and verification.  As a research tool, the  citator leads you to additional sources: other cases and secondary sources (such as treatises and law reviews) that cite to your case.  The Table of Authorities will list each document cited by your case.  The  citatory is also a tool to verify whether your case has been reversed or overruled on appeal.

Make sure you remember to explore all options whenever you plan on KeyCiting or Shepardizing!

Happy RTV’ing.

Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning