You may already have noticed that Google redesigned it’s web page. Do you miss having access to the advanced search option template in Google? Unfortunately this search option is now hidden, somewhat modified and more limited, compared to previous search options offered in Google. What’s new? Google has now moved towards a two step search process: Search and then filter/refine. You will need to refine your search using the tools usually on the left hand side. (For many researchers these options are somewhat limited). Remember to click on ‘Show search tools,’ it is on the left hand side of the page to access this option.  Fortunately you can still use search operators in the search box.

If you prefer working from a template then try entering  ‘advanced search’ as a search term  in order to access the recently modified ‘Google Advanced Search’ option.  This template no longer offers an  option to limit to specific domain names, but you can always add domain names or a  file type to your search query by adding for example .gov., org, .pdf.

According to The Oxford English Dictionary Online: a  two-step is: (a) a round dance characterized by sliding steps in duple rhythm; also, the music for such a dance; also attrib.; also as v. intr., to dance a two-step;  (b) adj. having or consisting of two successive actions; two-stage. Now also in Google.

Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning