If so, you might consider the following free apps:

With HeinOnline’s iPad/iPhone app, you can read an account of Susan B Anthony’s trial on the charge of illegal voting in the Presidential election of November 1872 (from the World Trials Library); check the Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board (in the Federal Agency Documents Library); examine the Model Penal Code (in the ALI Library) or check out Prof. Keating’s new article in the Utah Law Review.

Note: after you download the app, you have to click on IP authentication.  You also must identify yourself as a Washington University patron by using WUFI-S or connecting to the VPN:

WestlawNext’s IPad app is also very functional.  Ever wonder how many times Facebook is mentioned in WLN? (783 cases, 63 statutes, 545 admin decisions, 5387 secondary sources and 4282 trial court docs.) Or maybe you want to know what Judge Posner thinks about the Cat’s Paw theory and other such metaphoric doctrines.

Of course, you can do the same using Lexis Advance’s app.