Fresh From the Press – Exotic Lizards are Now Invading Florida!

| February 26, 2014

Exotic 4-Foot Lizards are now invading Florida according to a blog post from  Paul Shin via the  ABC news blog post from today, February 26th 2014 at 6:00 am. “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has confirmed more than 100 sightings of the Tegu lizard throughout Hillsborough County Exotic lizards” They are from South [...]

Ubiquitous Apps?

| October 30, 2012

Ubiquitous means to be present or found everywhere.  These 10 apps to protect your smart  phone may not be ubiquitous, but perhaps they should be. Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning

Google’s Two Step

| September 7, 2012

You may already have noticed that Google redesigned it’s web page. Do you miss having access to the advanced search option template in Google? Unfortunately this search option is now hidden, somewhat modified and more limited, compared to previous search options offered in Google. What’s new? Google has now moved towards a two step search [...]

Black’s Law Dictionary Now on WestlawNext

| September 4, 2012

When WestlawNext went live, it was missing a standard reference source: Black’s Law Dictionary. That omission was rectified this summer. To search Black’s, begin typing “Black’s Law Dictionary” in the Global Search Bar at the top of the screen and select the title from the autocomplete options. You will land on the template for advanced [...]

Remember what your Mom said: “Try it, you might like it…..

| April 6, 2012

Did you know that you can download documents on WestlawNext to your Kindle?  Documents, Cases, KeyCite results, and result lists can now be delivered from WestlawNext directly to your Amazon Kindle. Click on the arrow next to the delivery icon in WestlawNext and choose the ‘Send to Amazon Kindle’ option. Type your Kindle e-mail address [...]

Do you need help creating an RSS-Feed?

| February 23, 2012

The numbers of internet sites that offer RSS- feeds are growing rapidly.  An RSS- feed will notify you anytime there is an update on your favorite web site.  It is a true time saver. Did you know that the Unites States Department of Labor  also offers this option? It is like subscribing to a email [...]

Copying in the Library

| November 17, 2011

The public photocopiers at all Washington University Danforth Campus libraries have been replaced with scanners.  There are two scanners in the Law Library that are located on the fourth floor.  The stations have been configured for easy use and instructions are available. Scanning is free of charge.  Visitors may scan material and email it to [...]

Is everything you need to know in the case? Sometimes you have to wonder.

| September 16, 2011

How about how to lose weight?  Judge Denny Chin commented once in a footnote, “The Court notes that it has had success with its own, much simpler diet, which can be described in four words: ‘Run more, eat less.’”   Gorran v. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., 464 F. Supp.2d 315, 319 (S.D. N.Y. 2006) Maybe it is [...]

Do you need help identifying a topic for your note?

| September 9, 2011

One option is to search for topic ideas in books and journals and subject matter services. However, make sure that your topic is not preempted and current. Have you ever considered establishing an RSS-feed on your favorite website, news or blog site? There is a snippet on YouTube that explains in plain English what an [...]

Did you know that you now can download out – of – print books from Google and not just view the books online?

| September 2, 2011

We just came across new feature which allows you to download the book in either .pdf format or to your eReader of choice. At the present time, it appears that books available with this feature are from the 19th century. For example, are you seeking Simon Greenleaf. A Treatise on the Law of Evidence 12th [...]

Google discontinues government site search engine UncleSam

| August 24, 2011

Did you know that Google has discontinued it’s specialized search engine for government site – One of the biggest challenges for legal researchers is getting either too many irrelevant hits or too few hits. was a search engine that was created to limit your search query in Google to US federal, state and [...]

Work/Life Balance – “Check Out” the University’s DVD Collection

| October 1, 2010

Need a study break?  Nothing good on TV? You can borrow DVDs from the Law Library and other campus libraries free of charge.  Check out your options at

MyLaw User Guides

| September 28, 2010

Need  help navigating MyLaw?  User guides are now available. Students: Logon to MyLaw, click on “MyLaw Guide” under the heading of “Quick Links” and then scroll down to the “Student Resources” heading. Faculty: Logon to MyLaw. The guide is posted under “General Instructor Resources.”