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Chinalawinfo, a subsidiary of Peking University Law School,  is one the most comprehensive Chinese legal information providers on the Internet. It hosts two separate websites, one for Chinese and another for English. By July 2004, its English Site had more than 3,000 Chinese laws and regulations translated into English. It is by far the world's largest English database of Chinese laws, regulations, and cases. 

The Laws and Regulations Database on its Chinese site is the core service of Chinalawinfo and is the largest one that contains the most comprehensive Chinese legal documents. The searching engine of this database is the most advanced and sophisticated one among Chinese legal websites. It allows key word search in title field and full text of documents. Under the Advanced Searching sub-system, you could use the pull-down menus to limit your search by and ten categories of laws, promulgation/approval agency, and promulgation dates. Hypertext links are embedded in documents under each articles to link related laws and regulations, cases, and other legal documents together.

Years of Coverage: statutes from 1949 to present
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