Japanese Law Collection

Early volumes of the Japanese Supreme
Court Reporters (1905-present)

The Law Library began building its Japanese Law Collection in the 1990s by subscribing to several major Japanese law and business journals and purchasing monographs on business law for faculty members who taught and researched on Japanese law. By the early 2000s, this collection started increasing due to Professor John Haley, one of the most distinguished teachers and scholars in Japanese law and now Professor Emeritus of the law school, and the receipt of two large book donations from a Japanese law school and Mr. Masahiro ISEKI, a retired Japanese high court judge. The donations included a complete set of Japanese Supreme Court Reporters, major appellate court reporters up to 2002, and several sets of major Japanese legal treatises. Currently, there are 1,003 titles and 5,719 volumes of Japanese legal materials in Japanese. Most of the collection can be found on the first floor of the Law Library, classified under KNX.

Current Subscriptions to Japanese Legal Periodicals

Hritsu Hanrei Bunken Jh = Current Legal Information.
Tky : Daiichi Hki, 1981-
Knx5 .H67.

Hanrei Jih = Case Report.
Tky : Nihon Hyron Shinsha, 1953-
Knx6 .H37.

Hanrei Taimuzu (Tokyo, Japan : 1950) = The Law Times Report.
Tky : Hritsu Taimuzusha, 1950-
Knx19.A35 H36.

Shih Tkei Nenp = Annual Report Of Judicial Statistics
Tky :  Saik Saibansho Jimu Skyoku, 1954-
KNX30 .S55.

Major Japanese Serial Titles in English

EHS law bulletin series,
Japan, 1948- ,
KNX13 1948 .E39
In this 8 volumes set, there are about 370 to 400 hundreds Japanese laws and regulations being translated into English,

Business Operations In Japan / By Griffith Way
Washington, D.C.: Tax Management Inc., C1999-
Kf6289.A1 T35 No.969.

Civil Procedure In Japan / Takaaki Hattori, Dan Fenno Henderson.
Hattori, Takaaki, 1912-
New York, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1983-
Knx1710 .H83 2000

Doing Business In Japan / General Editor, Zentaro Kitagawa.
New York, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1980-
Knx920 .D65 1980

Japanese International Taxation / By John Huston, Toshio Miyatake, Griffith Way.
New York, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1983-

Law In Japan.
Tokyo: Japanese American Society for Legal Studies, c1967-
LIB. HAS 1(1967)-24(1988/1991)
PER. (Periodical Collection)

Statutes in Japanese

H¯orei zensho 法令全書 (Laws and Orders Compilation)
Tokyo : Naikaku kan¯okyoku Kei¯o 3- [1867]-,
KNX12 .H67, monthly, our collection 2000-2008 

Roppō zensho 六法全書 (Six Laws Compilation), annual,
KNX15 .R67, up to 2008

Case Reporters in Japanese

最高裁判所判例集 [Saikō Saibansho hanreishū] = Supreme Ct. Reporter.
KNX18.A31948, 1947-current 

高等裁判所判例集 [Kōtō Saibansho hanreishū] = High Ct. Reporter. 
KNX24.3 .A31950, 1950-1997

Japanese Supreme Court Reporters

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