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Supreme Court Official Web Page
Oct 1994-Present
Article III, U.S. Constitution - The Supreme Court
Cornell Legal Information Institute

Cornell Legal Information Institute

U.S. Constitution
with Annotations of Cases Decided by the U.S. Supreme Court
FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions
FedWorld: 1937 - 1975
vols. 300-422,
Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court:
Adopted Oct. 2, 1995, including 1997 updates and clarifications
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Oyez Oyez Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database
1961- Selected decisions with some audio clips
Supreme Court Justices: Biographical Profiles
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Selected Historic Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Court TV - Supreme Court Information
  U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society
Historical materials