Federal and State Primary Materials

Federal Materials 

The Federal Materials collection is located on the fifth floor of the Library. It consists of United States primary materials such as statutes, reporters, and codes. Second copies of selected titles may also be found in the Reading Room.

Missouri Materials 

The Law Library maintains a collection of Missouri primary material in the Reading Room.  There is also a collection of Missouri materials on the first and second floors. The material on the first floor includes the Missouri session laws, statutes, administrative regulations, reporters and digests. Classified Missouri materials (KFMs) are incorporated into the general Library of Congress Classified Collection and shelved in call number order on the second floor. The classified materials include many works useful to the Missouri practitioner. Some historical materials are in our microform collection (also on the second floor) and may be accessed using either of our two microform reader/printers.

National Reporters 

The National Reporters, with the exception of the Southwestern Reporter which is located in the Reading Room, are located on the first floor.  This collection contains the West Publishing Company's system of regional and national reporters. These reporters contain the appellate case law of all fifty states.  

State Materials 

The primary state materials from all fifty jurisdictions are shelved on the first floor. They are arranged alphabetically by the state name. Within each state, statutes precede reports. Secondary material (treatises and the like) are on the second floor in call number order using the Library of Congress classification system, i.e. 'KF' followed by another letter indicating the law of that state. For example, 'KFI' would be the call number for Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa.