Daniel R. Mandelker

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Howard A. Stamper Professor of Law

E-mail: mandelker@wulaw.wustl.edu


Recent Activities


Education: B.A., 1947, University of Wisconsin; LL.M., 1949, University of Wisconsin; J.S.D., 1956, Yale University
Teaches: Land Use Law, State and Local Government, Environmental and Land Use Litigation


Professor Mandelker is one of the country's leading scholars and teachers in land use law. He is the co-author of a popular law school casebook, "Planning and Control of Land Development," now in its Seventh Edition; the author of "Land Use Law, a comprehensive treatise in this field;" and co-author of  "Property Law and the Public Interest," a modern property law casebook. He also is a pioneer in the teaching of environmental law and state and local government law, and his casebook on state and local government is in its Sixth Edition. In environmental law, Professor Mandelker is best known for his widely-used treatise, "NEPA Law and Litigation".

His stature as leading scholar and teacher is continually affirmed by invitations to lecture throughout the world, including the prestigious Denham Lecture at Cambridge University. Professor Mandelker was the principal consultant and contributor to the American Planning Association's model planning and zoning legislation project, which published a "Legislative Guidebook" containing new model legislation in 2002.


Recent Activities

Professor Daniel Mandelker served as consultant to a joint Task Force of the American Bar Association’s State and Local Government and Administrative and Regulatory Law Sections in the preparation of a model law that would reform the land use decision making process. The model law is based on model legislation Professor Mandelker prepared for the American Planning Associaton’s Growing Smart project.

Professor Mandelker also served as legal consultant for the New Orleans’ Bureau of Governmental Research in the preparation of amendments to the city charter that will revise the city’s planning process. The reforms seek to create overall consistency and fairness in the city’s processes for making zoning decisions; bring the decision-making process in line with the city’s master plan; and give neighborhoods a voice in planning matters. The charter amendments were adopted in the November, 2008 election.

The American Planning Association (APA) recently published Planning Reform in the New Century, a collection of essays based on a conference held at the law school and edited by Professor Mandelker. The APA also published a Planning Advisory Service report by Professor Mandelker, Street Graphics and the Law, a revision of his widely influential text and model ordinance on sign regulation, and another Planning Advsisory Service report, Planned Unit Developments, also a revision of an earlier influential text and model ordinance for the development of planned communities.

The sixth edition of his co-authored casebook, State and Local Government in a Federal System, was recently published, and the seventh  edition of his co-authored casebook, Planning and Control of Land Development, also was recently published.

Professor Mandelker has lectured nationally and internationally on land-use topics and the National Environmental Policy Act, and spoke on the New Orleans charter reforms at a meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. His recent lectures also include sessions at the annual meetings of the APA and the keynote address at an international conference of the International Federation of Housing Planning in Oslo, Norway. 



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