Quotes from Previous JSD Students

Chih-Hsiung Chen - JSD

"Washington University's nationally recognized faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and supportive administrators are what attracted me to pursue the J.S.D. degree at Washington University.  In addition, quality, affordable living costs in St. Louis County allow international students to finish the J.S.D. program without worries of finance or security.

Frequent faculty-student interactions and sufficient literature resources are the most essential factors that lead to a fruitful J.S.D. study here. At Wash U, Professor John Haley schedules to meet with his J.S.D. students every week, answers their questions, and helps them overcome the difficulties that international students face in the path of dissertation study.  Both co-advisors also gave me prompt and detailed comments on my dissertation drafts. With the rich collection of our law library, the efficient and convenient interlibrary loan service, and the kind assistance of knowledgeable librarians, I never have any problem in finding literatures to compose my dissertation.

During my study, I received complete academic training, including how to analyze problems, find resources, develop theses, and present my ideas in academic forms. I am fortunate to have chosen Washington University School of Law to pursue my J.S.D. degree."

Olga Krauss - JSD

"I feel very fortunate to be part of the JSD program at Washington University School of Law and to work under the supervision of Professor Charles McManis, a world-renowned expert on intellectual property law.

Writing a dissertation is a great challenge. Washington University is the best place to undertake such an endeavor. The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to dedicate their time to answer questions and give valuable advice.

The information resources are outstanding. The availability of materials within the library is excellent. The library staff maintains a wonderful disposition and can get whatever you need from other libraries within the United States and the world.

Washington University School of Law is the perfect environment for research and learning. I greatly enjoy having the opportunity to participate in many innovative activities and attend conferences that are on the cutting-edge of recent developments in the different aspects of U.S. and international and comparative law."