Volume 41 (2013)

Washington University Journal of Law & Policy

Law School in the New Legal Environment

The Job Gap, the Money Gap, and the Responsibility of Legal Educators
by Deborah Jones Merritt
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 1 (2013)

Reflections on the Decreasing Affordability of Legal Education
by Jerome M. Organ
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 33 (2013)

Financial Retrenchment and Institutional Entrenchment: Will Legal Education Respond, Explode, or Just Wait it Out? A Clinician's View
by Ian Weinstein
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 61 (2013)

Legal Education as a Private Good
by Steven L. Willborn
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 89 (2013)

Ask Not For Whom the Law School Bell Tolls: Professor Tamanaha, Failing Law Schools, and (Mis)Diagnosing the Problem
by Michael A. Olivas
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 101 (2013)

Legal Educators Defending the Status Quo
by Brian Z. Tamanaha
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 131 (2013)


Shielding Children From Nudity, But Not Violence...Do Minors' First Amendment Rights Make Sense?
by Vincent S. Onorato
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 151 (2013)

Victims' Right to a Speedy Trial: Shortcomings, Improvements, and Alternatives to Legislative Protection
by Mary Beth Ricke
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 181 (2013)

Upgrading Our Electronics and Downgrading Their Environment: How E-Waste Recycling Has Made China Our Backyard Dumping Ground
by Stephanie Tso
41 WASH. U. J.L. & POL'Y 205 (2013) 

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