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Volume 9

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sustainable Agriculture: Food for the Future
Farmland Stewardship: Can Ecosystems Stand Any More of It? J.B. Ruhl   1

When Voluntary, Incentive-Based Controls Fail: Structuring a Regulatory Response to Agricultural Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

Douglas R. Williams  21

Protecting the Still Functioning Ecosystem: The Case of the Prairie Pothole Wetlands

John H. Davidson 123
The Other Side of Sustainable Aquaculture: Mariculture and Nonpoint Source Pollution Robin Kundis Craig 163
Information Based Regulation and International Trade in Genetically Modified Agricultural Products: An Evaluation of The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Michael P. Healy 205
Regulating Environmental and Safety Hazards of Agricultural Biotechnology For A Sustainable World George Van Cleve 245
Patents for Environmentalists F. Scott Kieff 307

Edible Equivalents: An Increase in Patent Protection for Genetically Modified Organisms Alexis Gorton 321
Fundamentalist Federalism: The Lack of a Rational Basis in United States v. Morrison Claire L. Huene 353
The Meaning of Adverse Employment Actions in the Context of Title VII Retaliation Claims Michael Rusie 379
"Free" Communications-The Securities and Exchange Commission's Safe Harbor Provisions in the M&A Release Christy L. Wells 407

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