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Volume 7

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Access to Justice:
The Social Responsibility of Lawyers

In Pursuit of the Public Good: Access to Justice in the United States          

Ruth Bader Ginsburg   1

Habit, Story Delight: Essential Tools for the Public Service Advocate        

Jean Koh Peters   17

Clients, Curiosity, and Commitment: A Career in Public Interest Law         

Daniel L. Greenberg 31
The Challenge of Providing “Legal Representation” in the United States, South Africa, and China      Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.     47
Reflections on the Challenges Facing Public Interest Lawyers in Post-Apartheid South Africa          Asha Ramgobin 77
Law: The Wind Beneath My Wings        Sarah Weddington  99


Civil Rights Under Attack By the Military       Sylvia Law  117


Lawyers Who Are Also Social Workers: How to Effectively Combine Two Different Disciplines to Better Serve Clients     

Brigid Coleman  131

Regulation FD: SEC Tells Corporate Insiders to “Chill Out”  

Jerry Duggan  159

Insider Trading: Does “Aware” Really Resolve the “Possession” Versus “Use” Debate?     

  Jennifer L. Neumann 189

Doors Widen to the West: China’s Entry in the World Trade Organization Will Ease Some Restrictions on Foreign Law Firms      

Susan E. Vitale  223

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