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Volume 4

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Access to Justice:
The Social Responsibility of Lawyers


Introduction Karen Tokarz 1
The Good that Lawyers Do Kathleen M. Sullivan 7
Bottlenecks in the Transformation of Eastern Europe Vojtech Cepl 23
Denying Access to Legal Representation: The Attack on the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic Robert R. Kuehn 33
The United States at the End of the "American Century": The Rule of Law or Enlightened Absolutism? Gerhard Casper 149
Families and Federalism Sylvia Law 175
Inclusion: A new Addition to Remedy a History of Inadequate Conditions and Terms Kathryn E. Crossley 239
The Modern Problem of Supreme Court Plurality Decision: Interpretation in Historical Perspective Adam S. Hochschild 239
Real Employees: Cognitive Psychology and the Adjudication of Non-Competition Agreements Rena Mara Samole 289
Missouri's Sexually Violent Predator Law: Treatment or Punishment? Laura Barnickol 321
Lactation Litigation and the ADA Solution: A Response to Martinez v. NBC Hilary Von Rohr 341
New York's Property Clerk Forfeiture Act-Can They Do That? Shirley W. Whittle 361

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