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Volume 17


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Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and the Legal
Protection of Traditional Knowledge 

Introduction Charles R. McManis   1

Across the Apocalypse on Horseback: Imperfect Legal  Responses  to Biodiversity Loss

Jim Chen 12

Forced Feeding: New Legal Issues in the Biotechnology Policy Debate

Neil D. Hamilton 37
Protecting Traditional Agricultural Knowledge Stephen B. Brush 59
From the Shaman's Hut to the Patent Office: In Search of a TRIPS-Consistent Requirement to Disclose the Origin of Genetic Resources and Prior Informed Consent Nuno Pires de Carvalho 111
Answering the Call: Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors Michael A. Gollin 187
Conclusion-Answering the Call: The Intellectual Property and Business Formation Legal Clinic at Washington University Charles R. McManis 225
Can the Television and Movie Industries Avoid the Copyright Battles of the Recording Industry? Fair Use and Visual Works on the Internet Katherine M. Lieb 233
Predatory Pricing and Bundled Rebates: The Ramifications of LePage's Inc. v. 3M for consumers Roberto Ramirez 259
Prescription for Compromise: Maintaining Adequate Pharmacist Care Contraindicates Imposition of a General Duty to Warn Jaclyn Casey 287
Is Boutique Medicine a New Threat to American Health Care of a Logical Way of Revitalizing the Doctor-Patient Relationship? Jennifer Russano 313

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