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Volume 15


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The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993: 
Ten Years of Experience

Introduction Pauline T. Kim   1

Job Security Without Equality: The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Joanna L. Grossman 7

Is Something Better than Nothing?  Critical Reflections on Ten Years of the FMLA

Michael Selmi 65
Has Family Leave Legislation Increased Leave-Taking? Charles L. Baum 93
The Effects of Family Leave on Wages, Employment, and the Family Wage Gap: Distributional Implications  Jean Kimmel
Maternity Leave Under the FMLA: An Analysis of the Litigation Experience Rafael Gely
Timothy D. Chandler
The Employer Perspective on Paid Leave & the FMLA Peter A. Susser 169
Is the Work-Family Conflict Pathological or Normal Under the FMLA? The Potential of the FMLA to Cover Ordinary Work-Family Conflicts Katharine B. Silbaugh 193
Race, Gender and Work/Family Policy Nancy E. Dowd 219
The Daddy Track: Locating the Male Employee Within the Family and Medical Leave Act Heather A. Peterson 253
"Fair and Full Employment": Forty Years of Unfulfilled Promises Adam W. Aston 285
Orchestrating an Exclusion of Professional Workers from the NLRA: Has the Supreme Court Endangered Symphony Orchestra Musicians' Collective Bargaining Rights? Molly Eastman 313
Dangerous Thoughts? Academic Freedom, Free Speech, and Censorship Revisited in a Post-September 11th American Jeffrey S. Strauss 343
Addendum to Dangerous Thoughts?:  Accounting for the Arrest of Sami Al-Arian 369

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