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Leonard Rubenstein (3rd from 

left) and WULaw staff and students 

Leonard Rubenstein, Keynote Address
2011 April 15
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Kristin Kalla  Kristin Kalla, Keynote Address
2011 April 14
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Rebecca Hamilton  Rebecca Hamilton on Sudan
2011 March 9
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Debate Series, Oct.8, 2010  Debate Series: Are U.S. Drone Attacks in the "War on Terror" Lawful?
2010 October 8
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Dawn Johnsen 

Dawn Johnsen Lecture
2010 November 4
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Arsalan Iftikhar (c) and WULaw faculty and 

staff  Arsalan Iftikhar Lecture
2010 September 14
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Signing of Declaration August 2010 at 

IHLD  International Humanitarian Law Dialogs
2010 August 31
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