Sudan Divided: What Next for the People of Africa’s Newest Country?

A conversation with journalist and human rights lawyer Rebecca Hamilton, Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.

Date: March 9, 10-11 a.m.
Location: Seigle Hall, Detjen Conference Room (No. 108E)
Co-Sponsored by Washington University School of Law’s Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting

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Join Pulitzer Center-supported journalist and lawyer Rebecca Hamilton for an inside look into the political, economic, and legal challenges that loom large in the aftermath of the January 2011 referendum in Southern Sudan.  What are the major hurdles to constitution-building and governance facing the North and the South in the event of a likely partition?  Will competition for control of oil reserves trigger renewed conflict or mutual cooperation between the two regions. What will the impact of Sudan's division be on marginalized groups in the North and the millions of displaced Darfuris who remain in the West?  What are the implications of the partition for the execution of the ICC’s outstanding arrest warrant against President Omar al-Bashir?

Ms. Hamilton is a Special Correspondent on Sudan for The Washington Post and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis ReportingHer writing has also been published in other outlets, including Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, Newsweek,and The International Herald Tribune.   Most recently, Ms. Hamilton is the author of Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide, which examines the efficacy of advocacy on Darfur policy.  Ms. Hamilton holds a joint degree from Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School and is a member of the Bar of New York.