Crimes Against Humanity Research Project

The Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute regularly recruits research assistants to support the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative and Professor Leila Sadat in her work as the Special Advisor on Crimes Against Humanity (CAH) to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.  As part of the CAH Research Project, students assist the Office of the Prosecutor with researching and analyzing cases on CAH issues. Credit is available for a limited number of students.  Interested student should contact the Harris Institute Fellow.

2017-2018 CAH Research Assistants

Robin Liu, JD '20
Camille Zhu, JD '20
Faith Liveoak, JD '20
India Maxwell, JD '19
Leslie Martin, JD '19 

2016-2017 CAH Research Assistants

Adeola Adekunle, JD '18 
Joe Brinkman, JD '17 
Anton KrayniyJD '19  
Rebecca MorelandJD '19  
Kelly MullenJD '17 

Purti PareekJD '19 
Jasmine SharmaJD '19 (Fall semester)
Tyler SchwettmanJD '19    

2015-2016 CAH Research Assistants

Marla Borkson, JD '17
Ellen Coogan, JD '18
Eleanor Gourley, JD '16
Ash Moore, JD '18
Kelly Mullen, JD '17
Oliver Cook, LLM
Rachel McLain, JD '16

2014-2015 CAH Research Assistants

Isaac Amon, JD '15
Ryan Baebler, JD '15
Mark Crapo, LLM
Jim Ransdell, JD '16
Netta Rotstein, JD '16  (Fall semester)
Sandhya Sharma, JD '16 
Jason Katims, JD '15 
Rachel McLain, JD '16 
Olivia Espy, JD '17  (Spring semester)
Alberto Ghiani, JD '17  (Spring semester)
Benjamin Cohen, JD '15  (Spring semester)

2013-2014 CAH Research Assistants

Isaac Amon, JD '15
Chi Cheng, LLM (Fall semester)
Benjamin Cohen, JD '15
Aayah El-Naggar, JD '14 (Spring semster)
Madaline George, JD '14
Carol Jansen, JD '14
Jarrod Jolly, LLM (Fall semester)
Jason Katims, JD '15 (Spring semster)
Ted Reilly, JD '14 (Spring semster)
Danielle Rosato, JD '14 (Fall Semster)
Elizabeth Unterman, JD '15

2012-2013 CAH Research Assistants

John Grothaus, JD '14
Lauren Grady, JD '13
Carol Jansen, JD '14
Diogo Metz, JD '14
Elizabeth Miller, JD '15
Douglas Pivnichny, JD '14
Hannah Zhao, JD '13 

As part of the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative, the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute also appointed Student Fellows between 2009 and 2011 to perform research on the commission of atrocities in world conflicts from 1900-2009 and to assist with the drafting of the Proposed International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity and the publishing of Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity. These fellowships were made possible by a generous gift from Washington University School of Law alumnus Steven Cash Nickerson.

2010-2011 Cash Nickerson Student Fellows

Nida Javaid, JD '11; Jing Geng, JD  '11; Margaret LeBlanc, JD '11; Michelle Penn, JD '11; Shannon Dobson, JD '11 (not pictured); Genevra W. Alberti, JD '11;  Jason M. Myer, JD '11 and other Harris Institute Fellows

2009-2010 Cash Nickerson Student Fellows

Margaret Wichmann, JD ‘10; Sarah Placzek, JD ‘10; McCall Carter, JD ‘10; Kathryn Minton, JD '10; Stephanie Anne Nickerson, JD '13