International Law and Theory Roundtable

The International Law and Theory Roundtable is an annual scholarly conference hosted by the Harris Institute.  For each roundtable, the Institute invites elite international scholars to participate in two days of presentations and in-depth discussions of scholarly works in progress on a variety of international legal topics.  The roundtable format allows for considered, cross-disciplinary interaction among some of the leading minds in academics. 


Published works from the most recent roundtable:

“Reviving the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation”
Author: John Coyle, UNC School of Law
Published as: “The Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation in the Modern Era” in the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law (2013)   

“Killing in the Fog of War”
Author: Adil Ahmad Haque, Rutgers School of Law- Newark 
Published in: Southern California Law Review (November 2012) 

“The Archipelago and the Hub: Universal Jurisdiction and the International Criminal Court”
Author: Maximo Langer, UCLA Law
Published as: “The Archipelago and the Wheel: Universal Jurisdiction Domestic Prosecutions and the International Criminal Court” in The First Global Prosecutor: Constraints and Promise, Martha Minow, Cora True-Frost & Alex Whiting, eds., (2013) 

“Climate Change Efforts: Possibilities for Small and Nimble Cities Participating in Regional, State, National, and International Networks”
Author: Hari Osofsky, University of Minnesota Law
Published as: Suburban Climate “Change Efforts: Possibilities for Small and Nimble Cities Participating in State, Regional, National, and International Networks” in the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, (Winter 2012)

“Shame in the Security Council”
Author: Saira Mohamed, UC Berkeley School of Law
Published in Washington University Law Review 1191 (2013)

“Regulating Resort to Force: Form and Substance of the UN Charter Regime”
Author: Matthew Waxman, Columbia Law School
Published in: European Journal of International Law, (2013)

“Pinochet Revisited: Human Rights and Immunity in National Courts”
Author: Ingrid Wuerth, Vanderbilt University Law
Published as: “Pinochet's Legacy Reassessed” in the American Journal of International Law (October 2012)

Past Roundtables

November 18-19, 2011
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February 4-6, 2010
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Roundtable in Public International Law and Theory, Feb. 4-6, 2010
January 18-19, 2008
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Roundtable in Public International Law and Theory, January 18-19, 2008