International Humanitarian Law Dialogs

The Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute is proud to co-sponsor the International Humanitarian Law Dialogs held annually at the Chautauqua Institute near Jamestown, New York.  The IHL Dialogs bring together academics, human rights activists, and international law practitioners involved in both previous and ongoing international tribunals and trials at the International Criminal Court to discuss key issues in the field of international humanitarian law.

Changing Times: New Opportunities for International Justice and Accountability

August 27-29, 2017 

SAVE THE DATE for the 11th Anniversary of the International Humanitarian Law Dialogs! To join the Washington University delegation for the Dialogs, please contact Bethel Mandefro. 

Organized by the Robert H. Jackson Center; Sponsored by:  The American Bar Association; The American Red Cross; The American Society of International Law, Case Western University School of Law and the Frederick K. Cox Center; The Chautauqua Institution and The Athenaeum Hotel; Impunity Watch, The International Bar Association; IntLawGrrls; New York University Center for Global Affairs; The Planethood Foundation; The Public International Law and Policy Group; The Robert H. Jackson Center; Syracuse University School of Law; The Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.  In Association with The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Past Dialogs

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