Lecture - Zeidan Atashi

Atashi Zaydan

Washington University Law Jewish Legal Society and Whitney R. Harris Institute for Global Legal Studies are sponsoring a discussion with MK Zeidan Atashi, the former Israeli member of Knesset (Parliament), at the School of Law here at Washington University in Anheuser-Busch Hall on Thursday, 9 November, at 4 p.m., Room 203.  Druze and Jews: Arab & Other Minority Rights in Israel. 

Zeidan Atashi, an Israeli Druze Arab, is a scholar whose research focuses on ethnicity and minority-majority relations in Israel. Mr. Atashi served in the Israeli Armed Forces from 1961-63. He graduated from Haifa University with a degree in Political Science and Arabic Studies and later received a Masters degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  

Zeidan Atashi was Consul and Head of Information Affairs at the Israel Consulate General in New York (1972), a member of the Israeli delegation to the UN (1975-76, 1989, 1993), a member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament (1977-81, 1984-88), and advisor to the Minister of Education and Culture (1992-96).  He played an important role in the area of Israeli Jewish-Arab relations and as a liaison between the Lebanese and Golan Heights Druze communities and the Israeli Government. Mr. Atashi is the author of Druze & Jews in Israel: A Shared Destiny?  Please help us welcome Zeidan Atashi to St. Louis and Washington University. 

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