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May 11, 2006



Edward Macias, Dean of Arts and Sciences and Executive Vice Chancellor
Steven Smith, Director, Weidenbaum Center
Itai Sened, Director of the Center for New Institutional Social Sciences

Issues in Intellectual Property Rights in China from the Chinese Perspective 

Speaker: Gao Lulin, Former head of State Intellectual Property Office
Commentator: Chuck McManis, Washington University
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Practical Issues in U.S. China Commercial Relations 

Moderator: Murray Weidenbaum, Washington University
Panel: Yang Guohua, Chinese Ministry of Commerce;
David Lampton, Johns Hopkins University;
C. Richard D’Amato, Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
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Issues in Intellectual Property Rights in China from the U.S. Perspective 

Speaker: Robert Kapp, Robert A. Kapp & Associates, Inc.
Commentator: Andrew Mertha, Washington University
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Keynote Lecture 

Speaker: Douglass C. North, Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts & Sciences, Washington University,
1993 Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics
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May 12, 2006


The Rule of Law in China: Theory and Practice 

Moderator: Denis Galligan, University of Oxford
Panelists: John Haley, Washington University
Donald Clarke, George Washington University Law School
Stanley Lubman, University of California-Berkeley
Jacques deLisle, University of Pennsylvania
Randall Peerenboom, University of California-Los Angeles
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Moderator: Andrew Sobel, Washington University
Peter Yu, Michigan State University
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Yank Guohua, Chinese Ministry of Commerce
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Yuka Kobayashi, University of Oxford
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Dali L. Yang, The University of Chicago
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Questions and Answers Session
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May 13, 2006


Centralization and Decentralization in China 

Moderator: Bill Lowry, Washington University
Andrew Mertha, Washington University
Susan Shirk, University of California-San Diego
Barry Naughton, University of California-San Diego
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China's Progress in Developing Modern Business Practices 

Moderator: John Adams, Principle Project Sponsor
Panelists: Murray Weidenbaum, Weidebaum Center, Washington University
Junyan Xi, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
James K. Yuann, Honeywell, Special Materials, Asia Pacific
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