Lectures - Mitts Across the Pacific - Agenda

Celebrating 150 Years
Washington University in St. Louis and United States-Japan Relations

Mitts Across the Pacific:
Baseball in Japan and the United States
2:00 PM
Friday, April 16, 2004
Anheuser-Busch Hall - Room 310 - School of Law


Yoshihiko Miyauchi,  CEO of ORIX Corporation, owner Kobe ORIX Bluewaves
Takashi Koizumi, President, ORIX Bluewaves
William O. DeWitt, Jr., Chair and Principal Owner, St. Louis Cardinals
Frederick O. Hanser, Vice-Chair, St. Louis Cardinals


Brad Lefton, International Sports Journalist and Television Producer


Edward N. Macias, Executive Vice Chancellor, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Washington University


Robert E. Hegel, Professor of Chinese, Director-Visiting East Asian Professionals Program, Washington University

Possible Issues for Discussion…

~ Problems of Ownership and Management
- Player salary and salary caps: who caps them, and at what levels.
- Parity or lack of parity between teams and its effect on player support.

~ Social Issues
- Uses of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the physical conditioning of players.

~ Economic Issues
- Popularity and income from TV and tickets.
- The future of baseball in Japan and the United States
- Will ticket prices be allowed to outpace the fan’s willingness to pay?

~ Political Issues
- Hometown teams, new stadiums and who pays for them.

~ Internationalization of Baseball
- Is the match between the Yankees and the Devil Rays the start of a new age for baseball?
- How might a team like the Cardinals compete in Asia for players?
- How should they scout, recruit, and retain players, when many have expressed interest in playing only in cities where there are major Japanese communities?
- What advantages are there for a Japanese team to have a working relationship with an American team?

To be followed by a reception in the Janite Lee Reading Room.

All are welcome!