Constitutional Courts Conference - Papers

Constitutional  Courts Conference
1-3 November 2001

Index to Papers

Most papers are posted in PDF format for which the free Adobe reader is required.  Click here for instructions to download Microsoft Word.

Access to Constitutional Courts - Pasquale Pasquino

Constitutional Courts as Deliberative Institutions - John Ferejohn and Pasquale Pasquino

Comparing Judicial Selection Systems - Lee Epstein, Jack Knight and Olga Shvetsova

Democracy By Judiciary (Or Why Courts Can Sometimes Be More Democratic Than Parliaments) - Kim Lane Scheppele

"The European Court of Justice and National Courts: Strategic Interaction within the EU Judicial Process" - Stacy A. Nyikos

Is the European Model of Judicial Review in Crisis? - Victor Ferreres Comella

It Takes Three to Tango: Courts, Unions and the Politics of Labor Law Constitutional Interpretation Argentina 1935-1998 (Microsoft Word) - Martias Iaryczower, Pablo T. Spiller and Mariano Tommasi

The Logic of Strategic Defection: Insecure Tenure and Judicial Decision-Making in Argentina Under Dictatorship and Democracy - Gretchen Helmke

Judicial Review and International Law - Michel Troper

Effort of a Constitutional Court to Reformulate/Reconstruct its Own Institutional Role - Mark Gillis 

Keynote Address - Donald P. Kommers

Postcommunist Constitutional Courts in Search of Political Legitimacy - Wojciech Sadurski

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