Imperialism, Art and Restitution - Papers

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  • Willard L. Boyd - posted 9/8/04
    Museums as Centers of Cultural Understanding
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  • Michael F. Brown - posted 8/27/04
    NAGPRA from the Middle Distance: Reflections on a Tangled Web of Institutional Process and Intercultural Justice
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  • James Cuno - posted 8/27/04
    View from the Universal Museum
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  • Talat Halman - posted 8/27/04
    From Global Pillage to Pillars of Collaboration
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  • John Henry Merryman - posted 8/27/04
    Whither the Elgin Marbles?
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  • Kurt G. Siehr - posted 8/27/04
    The Beautiful One has Come - To Return
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  • William St. Clair - posted 8/27/04
    The Parthenon and the Elgin Marbles
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  • David Hurst Thomas - posted 8/27/04
    Finders Keepers and Deep American History: Some Lessons in Dispute Resolution
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