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  • Immigration Law and Family Reunification: A Comparative Perspective [more]
  • International Law & Theory Workshop [more]
  • The Fifth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs - "Widespread and Systematic!" - Crimes Against Humanity in the Shadow of Modern International Criminal Law [more]


  • The International Criminal Court at Ten [more]
  • International Graduate Students Conference: "Creating Healthy Opportunities for Healthcare Management in a Global Context Conference" [more]
  • Fourth Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs: "Crimes Against Peace - Aggression in the 21st Century" [more]


  • Crimes Against Humanity Initiative: Washington Capstone Conference [more]
  • Panel Discussion: "Legal Reform in China" [more]  
  • Public International Law and Theory Workshop [more]
  • Third Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs: "Honoring Women in International Law, From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Court" [more]
  • IHL Students As Teachers Planning Meeting [more]


  • Crimes Against Humanity Initiative: Hague Intersessional Experts' Meeting [more]
  • Behavioral Studies Methodology Conference
  • Crimes Against Humanity Initiative: St. Louis Experts' Panel [more]
  • International Climate Change: Post-Kyoto Challenges [more]
  • Hiroshima Survivor/Nuclear Proliferation Dialog [more]
  • IHL/Red Cross Students As Teachers Enrollment/Training [more]


  • Second Annual International Humanitarian Dialogs: "Genocide Convention: A 60th Anniversary Celebration" [more]
  • Law in Japan: A Celebration of the Works of John Owen Haley [more]
  • Transnational Law Roundtable: The Globalization of Law and the Future of Legal Education [more]


  • International Criminal Law Symposium: Judgment at Nuremberg [more]
  • Latin American Law Workshop [more]


  • Promoting U.S. - China Business Relations [more ]
  • Panel Discussion: Rethinking the Kyoto Protocol [more] 
  • Commercializing Innovation Conference [more]


  • Comparative Approaches to Regulating Religion and Belief: State Authority and the Rule of Law
  • Centennial Universal Congress of Lawyers Conference: "Lawyers and Jurists in the 21st Century" [more]
  • Panel Discussion: The Crisis in Darfur [more]


  • Conference: "Imperialism, Art & Restitution" [more]


  • Conference: "Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and the Protection of Traditional Knowledge" [more
  • Conference Workshop: "Paradigms of International Justice" [more]
  • Conference: "Competition Policy and Economic Development" [more]


  • International Conference: "Constitutional Courts" [more]
  • International Debate Series: International Criminal Court [more]


  • Grand Inaugural Event [more]