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"To achieve the aims of the Harris Institute we draw on a vast pool of overseas and national expertise to promote continuous dialogue and exchange of views among students and faculty of Washington University with colleagues around the country and the world."   

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Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

11 December 2017 
 ICC ASP Side Event on the Progress in Drafting a Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Humanity  

 27 October 2017  
American Society of International Law (ASIL) Midyear Meeting  

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

12-13 December 2016 
Asia-Pacific Workshop on a Global Convention for Crimes Against Humanity – Singapore Consultation Meeting 

 21 November 2016  
ICC-ASP Side Event on the Progress in Drafting a Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity    

29-30 September 2016
The IMT at Nuremberg: A Lasting Legacy for the Future (IHL Dialogs)   


Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

8 April 2016  
Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Workshop for Professionals    

11-12 September 2015 
International Experts’ Meeting on the Illegal Use of Force: Reconceptualizing the Laws of War 

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

2-3 April 2015  
Global Perspectives on Colorism Conference    

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

16-17 May 2014
Fulfilling the Dictates of Public Conscience: Moving Forward with a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity 
Geneva, Switzerland

19-21 September 2014 
The Legal Challenges of Globalization: A View from the Heartland  

25-27 August 2013

The Seventh Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs
The Long Hot Summer after the Arab Spring: Accountability and the Rule of Law
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

1 April 2013
Mini-Colloquium Conceptualizing a New Institutional Framework for International Taxation
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26-28 August 2012
The Sixth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs
“Is the justice we seek the justice they want?”
The Special Court for Sierra Leone: A Ten Year Anniversary Retrospective
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY  

11-12 November 2012
The International Criminal Court at 10 

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

7 March 2012
Immigration Law and Family Reunification: A Comparative Perspective 

28-30 August 2011
The Fifth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs
"Widespread and Systematic!" - Crimes Against Humanity in the Shadow of Modern International Criminal Law
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY

18-19 November 2011
International Law & Theory Workshop   

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