Table of Contents

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Figures and Maps – vii

Crimes Against Humanity Initiative: Steering Committee viii

Biographies of Contributors –  ix

Foreword xvi
Richard J. Goldstone

Preface and Acknowledgmentsxix 
Leila Nadya Sadat

Crimes Against Humanity and the Responsibility to Protect – 1
           Gareth Evans, Keynote Address delivered June 11, 2009

  1. History of Efforts to Codify Crimes Against Humanity: From the Charter of Nuremberg to the Statute of Rome – 8
    Roger S. Clark
  1. The Universal Repression of Crimes Against Humanity before National Jurisdictions:
    The Need for a Treaty-Based – 28
    Payam Akhavan
  1. Revisiting the Architecture of Crimes Against Humanity: Almost a Century in the Making, with Gaps and Ambiguities Remaining – the Need for a Specialized Convention – 43
    Cherif Bassiouni
  1. The Bright Red Thread: The Politics of International Criminal Law – Do We Want Peace or Justice? The West African Experience – 59
    David M. Crane
  1. Gender-Based Crimes Against Humanity – 78
    Valerie Oosterveld
  1. “Chapeau Elements” of Crimes Against Humanity in the Jurisprudence of the UN Ad Hoc Tribunals – 102
    Göran Sluiter
  1. The Definition of Crimes Against Humanity and the Question of a “Policy” Element – 142
    Guénaël Mettraux
  1.  Ethnic Cleansing as Euphemism, Metaphor, Criminology, and Law – 177
    John Hagan and Todd Haugh
  1. Immunities and Amnesties – 202
    Diane Orentlicher
  1.  Modes of Participation – 223
    Elies van Sliedregt
  1.  Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity – 262
    Michael P. Scharf and Michael A. Newton
  1.  Crimes Against Humanity and the International Criminal Court – 279
    Kai Ambos
  1.  Crimes Against Humanity and the Responsibility to Protect – 305
    David Scheffer
  1. Re-enforcing Enforcement in a Specialized Convention on Crimes Against Humanity: Inter-State Cooperation, Mutual Legal Assistance, and the Aut Dedere Aut Judicare Obligation – 323
    Laura M. Olson
  1. Why the World Needs an International Convention on Crimes Against Humanity – 345
    Gregory H. Stanton


I.     Proposed International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment  of Crimes Against Humanity – 359

II.    Proposition de Convention Internationale sur la Prévention et la Répression des crimes contre l’humanité – 403

III.   A Comprehensive History of the Proposed International Against Humanity – 449
         Leila Nadya Sadat

Testimonials and Endorsements

  • Washington Declaration on Crimes Against Humanity – 533
  • Kigali Declaration – 542
  • The Fourth Chautauqua Declaration: August 31, 2010 –  545