Students at the Washington University School of Law are actively involved in a wide range of international activities. The students will play an increasingly meaningful role in the planning and operation of the Institute for Global Legal Studies and in the conferences and speaker series that the Institute sponsors.

Among the student-run organizations involved in international law or activities, three stand out.

Edward Shin
Edward Shin, outgoing president of the Asian American Law Students Association
Washington University's Jessup International Moot Court team has especially thrived during the past two years. Thanks are due to a combination of talented and motivated students and the dedication of Professor Leila Sadat, who has devoted countless hours to coaching the team to some stunning successes in both years. In 1999, the Washington University team won its Midwest regional competition and finished 8th among United States teams and 31st in the world. It also produced the second-best applicant's memorial (appellant's brief) in the world and the 4th- best respondent's memorial in the world.

Executive Board of ILS
Executive Board meeting of the International Law Society (Maura Yusof, President, on left)

Professor Sadat and students
Professor Leila Sadat and her triumphant 2000 Jessup International Moot Court Team.

In 2000, Washington University hosted the Midwest regional competition. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, the Team elected to compete outside the Midwest Region and traveled to the Southeast Region. There it once again emerged as the regional champion. In the international round, the team finished 3rd among 132 United States teams and 13th among the more than 300 teams in the world, again winning several individual awards.

The School of Law also has a highly energetic International Law Society. This year's President is Maura Yusof . The students bring in interesting speakers, disseminate information to the law school community about international law and international projects, and explore other internationally related projects of interest to students. A committee of the ILS is currently working on a proposal to start a new student international law journal at Washington University.

The Asian American Law Students Association (AALSA) provides a community for Asian and Asian-American students within the School of Law and a bridge to Asian attorneys. Students in the international LLM program often join AALSA, thus generating additional opportunities for Asian-American students to make personally meaningful and professionally valuable contacts with present and future Asian attorneys. AALSA also hosts Asian cultural events and provides mentoring for Asian and Asian-American students. At present, AALSA has members from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam (as well as from non-Asian countries). The outgoing president of AALSA, Ed Shin, is one of the members of the successful Jessup team. The new president is Ohmair Mohsin.