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Recent Books and Book Chapters

  • Designing Planned Communities, iUniverse (2010) PDF | website 
  • Planning and Control of Land Development (with D. Merriam, P. Salsich, N. Stroud, S. Meck & J. Tappendorf) LexisNexis (8th ed., 2011)
  • Concise Introduction to Property Law (with D. Callies, G. Hylton, & J. Martinez), LexisNexis (1st ed., 2011)
  • State and Local Government in a Federal System (with D. Netsch, P. Salsich, J. Wegner, & J. Griffith), LexisNexis (7th ed., 2010)

Recent Articles

  • "Growth-Induced Land Development Caused by Highway and Other Projects as an Indirect Effect Under NEPA," 43 Environmental Law Reporter 11068 (2013)
  • “Housing Quotas for People With Disabilities: Legislating Exclusion,” 43 Urban Lawyer 915 (2011) 
  • “The National Enviornmental Policy Act: A Review of Its Experience and Problems,” 32 Washingotn University Journal of Law and Social Policy 93 (2010)

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